SoilBuilder in a bag

SoilBuilder bag - front

What’s inside?

100% McGill SoilBuilder premium compost.  STA-certified and registered as a USDA Biobased product.  Take a look at the front of the bag.

What’s the size?

1 cubic foot (weighs about 40 pounds).

How do I use it?

Top dressing, soil amendment and mix ingredient.  Read the back of the bag for use instructions and number of bags required for your project.

Can I recycle the bag?

Yes.  Our new bags are compostable using a high-rate industrial process like McGill’s.  But since many communities are not served by these types of facilities, we manufacture our bags from a special film that will also break down in a landfill or recycle with other plastics.


Visit our Press Room to view a copy of the compostable McGill SoilBuilder bag press release.

2011 USCC Voted BestUSCC Certification