In the composting business,
everything we do is local.

Logo for Lock-the-Loop and Made Locally initiatives

Compost is a product manufactured from local materials and used to rebuild depleted soils in the same community.  Most of our feedstocks are sourced within a 100-mile radius of a McGill facility, and the products returned to soils within a 50-mile radius.

Some companies and municipalities will send us materials for recycling.  Others will take the resulting compost and use it for landscaping, turfgrass management and water management.  Entities displaying our Lock-the-Loop label on their websites and literature take full responsibility for their residuals and by-products by doing both.   Local landscapers and retailers displaying the Lock-the-Loop remind customers that their purchase of McGill compost products not only gives their soil what it really wants, but also boosts the local economy and helps make their community more sustainable.

Choosing to recycle, choosing to buy recycled and making local a purchasing priority represents a win-win for generators, compost users, local businesses and the planet.  Look for our Lock-the-Loop and Made Locally logos, for when it comes to biodegradable materials —

True sustainability begins and ends with compost.


Visit our press room to view the Lock the Loop press release.
Visit our press room to view the Made Locally press release.
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