McGill compost - 2 million tons celebration at Delway

Who is McGill?

McGill is an organics recycling and compost manufacturing company founded in 1991 with multiple composting operations in the U.S. and Ireland.  We employ about 100 people between all McGill-owned facilities.  Since we also license our facility designs and technologies to others, some of these companies may also operate and market products under McGill labels.  All products must meet our high quality standards to carry the McGill name.

McGill services

We take in biodegradable wastes and use them as feedstocks and amendments in the manufacture of a branded line of compost products.  We also utilize some non-compostables (like gypsum) to enhance the composting process and/or add value to the product.  Mobile dewatering and transportation are included in our service offerings.  We also design, build, and operate facilities for others.

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About McGill composting – process description

All feedstocks are processed in a tightly-controlled indoor environment using a modified version of the Rutgers aerated static pile process.  Every facet of our operation — from feedstock selection to facility design to operations management — is geared toward compost production, not waste management.  This focus results in a product of consistently high quality with year-round availability, meeting the needs of the professional marketplace.

What’s in our compost?

If the material is derived from plant or animal matter, we can compost it — including biodegradable plastics.  Most feedstocks will fall within one of these groups:

  • Wood, paper, pulp like yard/green waste, land clearing debris, clean dimensional lumber, dirty paper, waxed and unwaxed cardboard, pallets, wood ash, charcoal
  • Food/food processing waste like scraps and culls (meat, dairy, fruit and vegetables), restaurant grease, past sell-by and recall products
  • Water treatment residuals like DAF, alum, and ferric sludge; biosolids

Our feedstocks are sourced from high-volume generators in the industrial, municipal, commercial and agribusiness sectors.

Why should you buy McGill compost products?

Short answer?  Results.  Our compost products fix poor soil, save water and reduce runoff while giving plants what they really need to grow strong and healthy.

At the same time, we offer significant economic and environmental benefits to a range of applications.  These include sports turf, erosion control and general landscaping.

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